015 - Why Voice First and Smart Speakers Are a Marketing Must

What is Voice First?


  • Position Zero or bust

  • Voice search

  • Speech recognition

  • Alexa Flash Briefing

  • Smart speakers

  • Alexa

  • Amazon Echo

  • Google Home

  • Transcribing all of YouTube automatically

  • Carl Jung and the collective unconscious - how this applies to indexing our global speech

  • “Marketing is three things: direct response, and PR; the rest is just tactics.” - Bob Knorpp, host of The BeanCast

Mentioned on the show:

  1. See my YouTube video: Why You Should Create an ALEXA Flash Briefing | MARKETING Your BRAND

  2. Voice Tech Podcast with Carl Robinson: Perception of Smiles in the Voice, with Pablo Arias, IRCAM (here's what I tweeted about this neat show)

  3. Moz Podcast: The Science of Voice Search, with Neil Martinsen-Burrell

  4. Google Duplex:

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