051 - Alexa, How Can Brands Can Sell and Engage More? Bob Stolzberg, Voice XP

Plot twist: how could Alexa hurt Amazon sales?

Guest Bob Stolzberg, Founder of Voice XP, and Emily dug into a key question about where e-commerce is headed: can brands stand as independent ecommerce channels while reaching customers through Amazon Alexa? 

Furthermore, will branding really matter in an increasingly AI assisted future? (Bob and Emily disagree here. And we’d love to hear Brian Roemmele’s take!)

Bob Stolzberg, Founder Voice XP, Alexa Champion

Bob Stolzberg, Founder Voice XP, Alexa Champion

The convenience factor of a single voice command could reinforce brand loyalty. If you can have a company call you back or send you a car or a pizza hands-free, you might just go direct to them and never shop around (and that could be through their Alexa skill). Or maybe the voice assistant of the future does the research for us and we don’t bother remembering brands anymore.

Personal assistants will help us buy things and it doesn’t have to be direct from Amazon. Ecommerce businesses can build voice experiences directing users to buy direct from them (e.g., via text message or multimodal touch screen that opens a separate page). Think about this for DTC (direct to consumer) like a Casper or M Gemi.

Topics in this episode:

  • What you can do today to improve customer experiences for shopping and getting information

  • How voice will impact the future of advertising

  • How you can create a custom skill which lets your customers request a call-back from you through Alexa

  • How to engage people with your voice experiences - omnichannel marketing and voice as part of the funnel

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