013 - Who's Been Programming You?

Leslie Moonves, the longtime chief executive of the CBS Corporation, stepped down on September 9, 2018 amidst sexual harassment allegations. The CBS board announced his departure, effective immediately. Here we go again. Many of the men who have been outed for sexual harassment or assault spent years determining what TV shows, movies, and news programs millions of Americans watched on a daily basis.

How do you think sexism, bias, misogyny and sexual harassment in the most powerful companies in charge of storytelling have influenced society? Directors, writers, showrunners, studio execs, news anchors, news executives, and more.

We've got the Weinstein effect in full force amidst #MeToo:

Woody Allen

Roman Polanski

Matt Lauer

Mark Halperin

Charlie Rose

Roy Price

Roger Ailes

Bill O'Reilly

James Toback

Louis CK


All denied any nonconsensual sexual activity. But .... yeah right.

Programming informs culture. Stories set social norms. And it's not just the shows, it’s also the advertising.

Ask who writes your programs.

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