028 - Curating Customer Experiences with Voice Assistants - Jon Chu

If you are a food brand (like an FMCG such as cereal or canned food, or like food delivery such as Uber Eats), what should you consider in creating a voice skill for Alexa, Google Home, etc.?

Why A.I. isn’t the best term, but curated intelligence is more apt.

Intent matters. Focus on solving one particular customer problem at a time.


Jon Chu: @jchu

024 - Instagram Influencer Marketing and Authenticity

I spoke with Jamie Stuckert, Marketing Manager at Wild Foods, an Austin-based natural ingredients company. We talked about influencer marketing, focusing on what works and doesn't work on Instagram for building an authentic brand and educating people about health. Jamie shares her experiences running social media for the brand account for Wild Foods and her own personal brand, Keto Like Jamie.

Jamie has stories about followers seeking medical advice through DMs, inspiring people to lose 100 pounds on keto, and toxic energy drinks using models to promote their products.

The bottom line is that being real - flaws and all - works.

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3:18 We don’t throw just any picture up for the sake of having content

3:40 Goal on IG is to educate

4:20 KetoLikeJamie - personal brand

6:00 Overcoming self-consciousness and being really honest - imperfection is okay

6:26 How do I market my brand with influencers?

6:52 What works when it comes to influencers?

7:32 We want to pay for someone who stands by our brand, uses our product daily, is into the natural lifestyle

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