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050 - TD Ameritrade Alexa Skills: Brevity, Levity, and Familiarity - Dani Fava

Voice is a powerful medium for a relationship-centric business like wealth management. In fact, one of the Flash Briefings that Dani Fava launched, TD Ameritrade for Advisors, just won the Custodians: Thought Leadership category of the 2019 Wealth Management Industry Awards. This daily briefing provides RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) and financial advisors with tips on running their business and helping clients invest.

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TD Ameritrade for Advisors  is the award-winning Flash Briefing Dani Fava launched for RIAs and financial advisors (Institutional)

TD Ameritrade for Advisors is the award-winning Flash Briefing Dani Fava launched for RIAs and financial advisors (Institutional)

Hear about Dani's experience launching Alexa Flash Briefing skills for TD Ameritrade. With apps across voice assistants like Alexa and Google on both on the institutional and brokerage (retail) sides of their business, TD Ameritrade is a leader in voice for the banking category. And as Director of Innovation, Dani is leading that charge!

Dani Fava, Director, Institutional Innovation, TD Ameritrade

Dani Fava, Director, Institutional Innovation, TD Ameritrade

Plus Dani shared one financial advisor’s emotionally moving story about how the TD Ameritrade Alexa skill empowered a longtime client to once again feel control over her finances through voice.

TD Ameritrade Alexa Skill  features market updates, account summary, and place a trade

TD Ameritrade Alexa Skill features market updates, account summary, and place a trade

Powerful Banking and Trading Skill: TD Ameritrade is the first company ever to create an Alexa Skill where you can place trades with just your voice.

You can enable the skill and get started by saying, “Alexa, ask TD Ameritrade…”

Stay updated on the markets, and after you link your TD Ameritrade account, get updates on your balances, positions, and more.The TD Ameritrade skill provides quotes for all U.S.-traded stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and major U.S. indices, which amounts to over 75,000 securities.

Latest news: TD Ameritrade announced that it has launched a new Google Assistant Action to complement their existing Alexa skill.

Starting today, once authenticated, TD Ameritrade clients can simply ask their Assistant by saying ‘Hey Google, check my TD Ameritrade portfolio’ to gain insight into their current holdings, hands-free,” according to the announcement.

The new Action offers a number of features such as:

  • Ask for a market update

  • Find out how a sector (such as Technology) is doing

  • Get your account balance

  • Find out how your portfolio is performing

TD Ameritrade  launched a new Google Action in September 2019

TD Ameritrade launched a new Google Action in September 2019

Get in Touch with Dani Fava:

Twitter: @Dani_FavaTDA


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037 - Sonic Branding - Phoebe Ohayon from Voice Branding Agency (Netherlands)

Emily Binder interviews Phoebe Ohayon, an Audio Branding Strategist and Audio Designer in Amsterdam with a background in audio engineering and branding. Phoebe helps brands prepare for a sound and voice-activated future. With her voice-first audio branding approach, she helps brands and companies who are creating voice experiences and want to use the power of audio (voice, music, and sound) to design the best customer experiences.


  • 1:53 Audio design and strategy for voice technology / voice assistants

  • 3:00 How to start with sonic branding - research is first: brand orientation session

  • 4:20 From auditory perspective, perception matters for brands who will communicate with voice more as time passes

  • 4:55 Where do you start with creating brand voice?

  • 8:30 Emotional impact and perception of brand

  • 8:50 Even programming the sound of “Hello” is complicated

  • 9:50 Customer-first design

  • 9:55 Design bias (Apple Health app initially lacked menstrual tracker)

  • 10:20 Inclusive design - VUI has an opportunity

  • 10:34 Confirmation sounds vary by nationality and auditory history

  • 10:55 MasterCard’s new audio logo is internationally sensitive

  • 12:10 Auping bedtime skill on Google Actions

  • 13:25 Create a coherent strategy for all touch points to create brand preference and trust

Upcoming Event:

Join us at VOICE Summit 2019! Phoebe Ohayon, Audrey Arbeeny, and Emily Binder speak July 25, 2019 on the Sonic Branding panel. See more: Emily Binder - Speaking.


More about Auping Bedtime Skill (Google Action - Dutch version):

On October 24, Google launches the Dutch version of voice assistant Google Home. For this smart speaker, which can instruct the user and ask questions, Dutch bed manufacturer Auping developed a so-called 'Google Action'. Auping has developed this Google Action together with voice specialists from Mindshare and Greenhouse Group Conversational .

The soundscape

The story is being narrated by Birgit Schuurman, a famous Dutch actress and singer, who also narrated the Auping commercial. Not only did this create a great connection to the commercial, but she also turned out to be a great fit for this story. A warm and pleasant voice, perfect for narrating a children's story.


Connect with Phoebe Ohayon:

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