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wondery.fm smart link will open I, Survivor in the user’s native podcast app/player

wondery.fm smart link will open I, Survivor in the user’s native podcast app/player

We’ve all seen single tweets containing multiple links to play a podcast in Apple, Google, Stitcher, and more. It’s messy. If you host a podcast, you know the moment of uncertainty when it comes time to share a new episode on social. Do you share the Apple link, the podcast’s home page/show notes with web player, Google Play, Overcast, or what?

There are a few solutions.

Podcast creation shops like Wondery and Pacific Content (both fantastic) have their own universal links. This is what you want - a nice clean tweet with ONE link, one CTA - don’t confuse the audience and make them figure out what to click.

What I use:

Plink universal podcast links

Smart links that automatically open the right podcast app on mobile, or present links to all the major podcast apps (AKA podcatchers). It’s free for a non-customized link, and $14/year for a custom link with added features: Plink makes smart links for podcasts that everyone can play.

Podcast + link = plink

Click “More” below to see all the podcast app options including Overcast, Castbox, Stitcher, Spotify, and more:

Plink links send listeners to the right place, every time. Whether that’s from iOS, Android, a laptop, a watch, or a messaging app. Plink recognizes devices/OS then deep links listeners into pre-installed podcast apps if opening a Plink link on mobile. If opening on desktop, it sends the listener to the podcast’s Show Page with app links for Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, Breaker, and more.

For $14/year you can create your customized podcast smart link. Otherwise the service is free. The upgrade is affordable and looks nice too. For example, here are upgraded vanity URLs from two excellent podcasts:

  1. Barry Ritholtz - Masters in Business: https://plnk.to/MIB

  2.  This American Life: https://plnk.to/thisamerlife

More benefits of Plink:

This is what a Plink podcast landing page looks like. If you’ve ever heard me send people to “bit.ly/playbm” - this is where it goes.

This is what a Plink podcast landing page looks like. If you’ve ever heard me send people to “bit.ly/playbm” - this is where it goes.

  1. A nice embed code for your blog (click “Share” from the show’s Plink page, then copy and paste the code as Markup, like I have above)

  2. Ability to send users to a specific podcast app (a feature of upgrading your Plink plan):
    Plink smart links, without any parameters added (params outlined below), will detect the listener’s device, geo, and other factors and send them to your show in pre-installed podcast apps like Apple or Google Podcasts automatically. Links that anyone can play, no matter iOS, Android, desktop, etc. Or you can utilize other variations that you now own, too (case-sensitive):
    -plnk.to/beetlepod?to=page (to always send to Show Pages - where desktop/laptop users are sent)
    -plnk.to/beetlepod?to=embed (for website Embeds on your own site - iframe code snippets are found at bottom of Show Pages)
    - plnk.to/beetlepod?to=applepod (to always send to Apple Podcasts if needed for some reason (e.g.. exclusives))
    - http://plnk.to/beetlepod?to=googlepod (to always send to Google Podcasts if needed)
    - http://plnk.to/beetlepod?to=spotify (to always send to Spotify if needed)

Reminds me of…

Have you used the music sharing app Songwhip? It lets you share a universal link (instead of a link to a song on Spotify or YouTube etc.). This way, friends can open the song you share on their player of choice: Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora, etc.

Songwhip music link examples - click to play on any player:

Plink is offering something similar to Songwhip, but for podcasts.

Find a podcast’s Plink here to check it out.

This is the closest thing we’ve seen to a solution for the common problem that sharing your podcast is a major PITA.

Podcast hosts have to tweet out multiple links to cover the bases of all the major podcast apps. If you tweet out an Apple Podcasts link, you could miss your whole Android audience. It’s cumbersome for all involved.


You can use smart.url, a subscription service, to accomplish the same thing:

Smart & powerful. One link that redirects by country and device. smartURL combines all the features previously found in Country, Device and Music types.

Playpodca.st offers a smart link for a one time charge of $25:

Get a playpodca.st shortcut to your show today, and you will have a link that takes your listeners to a native podcast player, no matter whether they are clicking from iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

Desired: All Plink needs is to integrate with Alexa Flash Briefing. For example, our Flash Briefing, Voice Marketing - Daily Beetle Moment, is available on the major podcast apps. But we’d like to have Alexa Flash Briefing as one of the assorted podcast app options on the Plink page.

Bottom line:

Shortlinks like Plink make marketing podcasts easier. Hosts and producers can promote a show with one, smart link. Learn more and find your show’s Plink smart link: plinkhq.com

This post is not sponsored. But if you sign up with my link I will get a very small kickback which helps pay for hosting my podcast and blog. My goal is to share knowledge that will help podcasters stop tweeting out a mess of links.