What is a beetle moment?

It's when the universe winks at you.

Have you ever experienced a coincidence that felt like more than just a coincidence? We call those beetle moments.

Psychologist Carl Jung first introduced the concept of synchronicity: any instance of a perceived connection between two events. These events occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

A story that illustrates synchronicity comes from Jung's work treating one difficult patient. She was well educated, extremely rational, and psychologically inaccessible despite efforts on both sides. She always thought she knew better. Jung hoped that someday an irrational and unexpected event would break down her walls of intellectualism, opening her to the world of greater meaning.

One day, this patient recounted a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. Jung was sitting opposite her as she described the jewelry. Then he heard a gentle tapping on the window: it was an insect trying to get inside. Upon opening the window, Jung reached out and caught the scarabaeid beetle mid-air. Its gold-green color closely resembled that of a golden scarab. He handed his patient the insect and said, "Here is your scarab." This "broke the ice of her intellectual resistance," Jung wrote. Now real change was possible.


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