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About Emily Binder

There are two versions of an About Me here:
A) The way bios should be written (more personal, more fun). 
B) The way bios are usually written (for anyone looking to check boxes).
If you really want to get to know me fast, read my tweets.

Bio A:

Emily Binder chair den

Me in three - lately:

1) Especially good at Flash Briefings and Facebook Ads. 
2) Won't disrespect the dictionary by dropping buzzwords in your board room.
3) If you liked this alliteration wait 'til you see my copy. Wait 'til you see your dashboard next quarter.

Nine Life highlights from 2017-2018:

  1. Went full-time with this business
  2. Launched social media strategy for prominent fintech company
  3. Built a new product that helps marketers create customer personas: personabay.com
  4. Started a YouTube channel about career, health, and money. Experimenting from Day 1 with zero experience to making watchable short videos. My #1 video is about hacking credit card points (a travel hobby) and features Austin's worst grackles. 
  5. Created a new podcast, Alexa podcast skill, and Alexa Flash Briefing about marketing with a dash of irreverance.
    1. One reviewer writes: "This little podcast has substance & personality." Life goals = complete!
  6. Appeared on top marketing podcasts like The BeanCast a bunch of times (I’m a go-to guest and have been fortunate to join smart guests including Mitch Joel, Scott Monty, and others)
  7. Filed a really complex tax return, which included first-time formation of two LLCs, moving to a new state, multiple investment accounts, and the fact that Baby Driver stole my car in ATL
  8. Won renter wars against the country's third largest property management company
  9. Took up meditation, advanced to ankle weights in my Tracy Anderson workouts, and found my happy place: The Veloway - rollerblading heaven

Bio B:


I balance Gossage and Google. Engaged marketer with a deep understanding of the customer journey and a passion for great content. Quarterback for a wide variety of marketing initiatives from startups to global brands, from fintech to travel to SaaS and telecom. Proven ability to implement comprehensive marketing strategy and drive revenue. Natural analyst, deriving actionable insights to increase conversions and meaningful engagement. Skilled writer and speaker in creative and technical capacities. Big rollerblader. InstantPot and Vitamix champion.

I focus on #VoiceFirst, voice search, Amazon Alexa skills, brand messaging, app adoption, Facebook advertising, and social media advertising. I can also create a digital strategy for you to implement, or train your staff to do so. See our Services here.