Voice Marketing Strategy: Search Optimization and Smart Speaker Content

By 2020, screenless browsing is expected to account for 30% of browsing. 50% of searches will be conducted through voice.

Voice is your customer’s first language. Smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology since the smart phone. It’s still early days. Voice is where we're headed.


voice search consultation

Do you want to improve your customer experience and drive traffic to your site or Amazon listing?

Then you need to start your voice marketing strategy now. First, we assess your competitive landscape. Then we determine where and how you should invest effort to meet your business goals. Stay relevant and get found.

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seo for voice (position zero or bust)

With voice search results, there is no SERP (search engine results page): there is only one top result. And you need to be it. SEO for voice search is different from previous SEO. Local businesses and ecommerce, this matters big time for you.


alexa flash briefing and custom skills

Amazon Echo is the most popular smart speaker with 61% market share. There are ~60 million users, and only ~6,000 Flash Briefing skills: huge distribution with content scarcity. Land grab your brand's invocation. Reach your audience consistently everyday. Build a relationship and brand love through the assistant.