Alexa Flash Briefing and Podcast Services for Brands, Non-Profits, and Entrepreneurs

Crawl into your customer's ear.


Brands: Flash Briefing is more powerful than email marketing subscribers or social media followers.

Reach your customer through voice in a warm, intimate, habitual manner.

Connect daily and add value.

100 million Amazon Echo users + anyone with a smartphone can access Alexa Flash Briefings. 65% of 25-49 year-olds interact with a smart speaker daily. Amazon Echo dominates the market. Users routinely listen to Alexa Flash Briefings everyday, with 10x growth in the first 2 years.

This is better than sponsoring or hosting a podcast.

Plus, Alexa skills improve your Amazon product SEO.

Market Moment is the fastest growing Flash Briefing in the business and finance category.

Market Moment is the fastest growing Flash Briefing in the business and finance category.

Featured Client Work

Market Moment is an Alexa Flash Briefing we created for Ritholtz Wealth Management, a New York City RIA run by two of the most online-savvy advisors in the business. Josh and Barry wanted to be first in voice - and now they are.

Based on the popular “Today In Market History” tweets from @RitholtzWealth, Market Moment hosted by “Downtown” Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker), Blair duQuesnay (The Belle Curve), and other CFAs from Ritholtz is one of a kind, <3 minutes. Enable the briefing now! Click below to play a sample:

Your brand needs a smart speaker presence. We can help:


create a flash briefing alexa skill for your brand

Amazon Echo is the most popular smart speaker with 61% market share. There are over 100 million Echo devices and only ~8,600 Flash Briefing skills. This means huge distribution with content scarcity.

Land grab your keywords and start racking up 5-star reviews. Reach your audience consistently everyday.

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