Alexa Flash Briefing Services for Brands, Non-Profits, and Entrepreneurs

Crawl into your customer's ear.


Over 60 million Amazon Echo users and anyone with a smartphone can access Alexa Flash Briefings. 65% of 25-49 year-olds interact with a smart speaker daily. Amazon Echo dominates the market. Users habitually listen to Alexa Flash Briefings daily, with 10x growth in just 2 years.

This is much more than a podcast. And it’s searchable on Amazon.

Your brand needs a smart speaker presence. Emily can help:


alexa flash briefing skills

Amazon Echo is the most popular smart speaker with 61% market share. There are ~60 million users and only ~5,000 Flash Briefing skills: huge distribution with content scarcity.

It's the place to be. Land grab your branded invocation. Reach your audience consistently everyday.

Build a relationship and brand love.