Voice Marketing from Case Knives

Topic: Case Knives "Keep Your Hands Sharp" marketing campaign (video and voice marketing). It highlights creative people who make things with their hands.

I love the message: don’t forget the power of our hands, don’t let them go to waste typing and tapping all day. We can do so much more.

Case Knives - Experience: Hand IQ Quiz (Alexa and Google Home skills)

And just watch this fantastic spot that compliments the skill. We need this today. We’ve become all thumbs. This video should have gone viral, I can’t believe how few people know about it. The best ad I’ve seen in years:

Consistent sonic branding:

Nice job with an on-brand voice chosen for the video and consistently used in the Alexa Skill. I like that the skill contains monetization at the end (text me a link to buy the perfect knife based on my quiz results) which is optional and NOT a turn-off or pushy. We’ll see more and more ecommerce baked into Alexa skills.

This makes me want to make another chessboard…


Use historic recordings and authentic voices:

In my post about Stubb’s BBQ’s Alexa Skill, I lauded the historical recordings and actual sound of the real Stubb brought to life in the skill. Case does a similar nice job with this man’s voice - it’s just right.

Campaign HT Total Annarchy, Ann Handley's newsletter. Probably my favorite email about marketing. Thanks to Scott Monty for suggesting it.