Flash Briefing Archive (Updated)

Hear it in other countries (more coming soon):

  • UK: http://bit.ly/beetleflashuk

  • Canada: http://bit.ly/beetleflashca

Why I Use Pippa (and you should too):

If you’ve been listening to my brief since the beginning, you’ll notice that the audio player began looking twenty times better around fall 2018. Man, Pippa is so much better than Effct. Writing this because my readers trust me on voice stuff and it’s my job.

For one, look at this great little embeddable player I can add by pasting a few lines of code. Also, Pippa has reliable servers and my brief and my podcast always go live when scheduled. The UI is beautiful. It’s easy to use and it makes syndicating your show to multiple platforms a cinch.

Big fan of Pippa, and thanks to Dr. Teri Fisher (Alexa in Canada) for the rec, and of course to Simon, the CEO and Founder of Pippa, for sponsoring Beetle Moment Media.

Why I’m sharing this: if you’re a content creator, you’ll understand how nice it is to find a robust tool that JUST WORKS. Second, I am recommending Pippa to my clients.

CLICK TO get a $25 Amazon Gift Card when you sign up for a year of hosting your podcast or Flash Briefing with Pippa.