Fintech Thought Leadership - Social Media Strategy for Top Payments Brand

The problem:

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A successful fintech company with a monopoly on maritime payments had little to no brand presence on social media. As part of a brand overhaul and website update, we began a strategic effort to build the professional brand and thought leadership presence. As an award-winning fintech, this client wanted their LinkedIn and Twitter presence to reflect their commitment to democratizing global payments with innovative technology. Also important to convey: healthy culture and a great place to work with people who care.


The solution:

We focused on three audiences: local business and fintech, job seekers and candidates, and current employees. Through content marketing, hands-on daily management, and community building, after six months we had great results:


  • Post consistently

  • Increase overall social engagement rate

  • Grow followers

  • Establish a presence as subject matter experts and a source of industry updates

Organic growth - fintech brand Twitter account

Organic growth - fintech brand Twitter account

July-December 2018 Organic Follower Growth:

  • 4x increase - Twitter

  • 57% increase - LinkedIn

Tactics - content we shared and promoted:

  • Variety of topical articles from quality industry publications and users

    • Add commentary and insights for original viewpoint

  • Tag engaged users and authors

  • Behind the scenes photos (conferences, events, office culture)

  • Relief campaigns for disaster relief in users’ home countries such as Indonesia

  • Job posts

  • Twitter: Built original Lists to curate quality content faster

Relief campaign for natural disaster: went viral organically on Twitter

Relief campaign for natural disaster: went viral organically on Twitter

linkedin and twitter:

  • Established consistent brand presence beginning in July 2018

  • Steady organic follower growth

  • Post social engagement averaging 7-19% on LinkedIn by September 2018